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We prioritize you and your information. Manage and take charge of your data with the power of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Use Vero AI Wallet that is seamlessly integrated with Vero AI Platform to create, enhance & share your credible digital identity.
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Take charge of your digital identity

Tedious tasks like filling out forms  to gain access to digital services in our day-to-day life are too troublesome. Our data currently also serves as a valuable asset for web2 enterprises. This outmoded, insecure, and inefficient system requires a complete makeover.

Embrace the future of data ownership

Leverage the revolutionary capabilities of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Zero Knowledge Proof (ZK Proof) to confidently possess and selectively distribute your data. Unlock the true benefits of data ownership and seamlessly establish secure connections.


Reliable digital

Efficiently gather, protect, and arrange your personal, business, and financial information, in addition to Verifiable Credentials (VC). Vero provides the choice of KYC and AML Verifiable Credentials to enhance your personalized and streamlined user experience. Using this enhances privacy and expedites connections to external services, making it convenient and efficient.

Engagement Super-powered

Gain access to fresh digital encounters through an innovative Proof of Attendance supported by SSI. Get recognised and rewarded for your participation in events for your ongoing commitment.

Get skills and
experiences validated

Obtain Verifiable Credentials to create an on-chain Proof of Reputation, enabling effortless access to a range of services. Showcase your unwavering commitment to excellence with tangible proof of your abilities, experiences, and qualifications.

Put your career on steroids

Empower your professional advancement with next-gen AI-driven analytics tailored to foster your growth, complemented by AI-Resilient skills tailored according to your unique data. Earn badges and trophies to exhibit your achievements and ignite your journey in the rapidly evolving landscape of the Future of Work.

One Click to Connect

Streamline your interaction within the services ecosystem while ensuring the security of your data, avoiding its dispersion among multiple platforms. Also, simplify your access through one-click login, never fill forms manually ever again.

New Sources of

Utilize blockchain’s potential to gain more business opportunities while making processes more efficient. Leverage high-quality, verified first-person data of your customers shared from their Vero Wallet. Access new income streams by adding it to micropayments, programable money & tokenization.

Business Risks

Securing your business operations in line with data privacy regulations is imperative. Vero’s solutions address data protection and regulatory adherence (KYC & AML). This offers a dependable structure that fortifies data security and facilitates compliance with continually evolving regulations.


Expedite customer

Your customers can voluntarily share authenticated data, simplifying the verification process by leveraging Vero’s Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Resulting in significant cost savings and guarantees a quick, compliant, and user-friendly onboarding procedure. Make trust and efficiency coexist seamlessly in your customer journey.

Your web3 identity, your rights, your life

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